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Eureka Springs is a wellspring for some of the world's most talented healing specialists. Relax and enjoy the articles and stories below.

We're continuing our centuries of tradition in body, mind, and soul renewal. Visit this page often for the latest word on age old wisdom.

  • Therapeutic Massage
    Massage is an ancient healing art based on the natural instinct to touch in response to pain. Nearly everyone can benefit from stress reduction and the deeply relaxing qualities of therapeutic massage.

  • Reflexology
    What could be better than a foot massage? How about a healthful, pampering experience that's good for you too!

  • Aromatherapy
    Both an art and a science, aromatherapy is used to decrease pain, to reduce stress, and to create positive mood changes. Harness the power of Life itself with the advice of a skilled aromatherapist.

  • How to Take a Bath
    There is a healing magic that goes beyond drugs and prescriptions and the way to deliver this magic to our bodies is through bathing.

  • Pardon us, is our aura showing?
    Eureka just wouldn't be Eureka without its plethora of psychic advisers-cum-astrologers-cum shamans: they are a part of this city's wonderfully eccentric, endearing urban personality.