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Over a century ago, people flocked to Eureka Springs for the water and fresh mountain air. Today, they come for luxurious pampering and the expert treatment of modern-day healing professionals.

The waters of Eureka are no longer consumed, but the town's many "Spring Reservations" still provide a beautiful setting in which to relax and reflect. What a pleasant day it is to wander the streets and trails through the Victorian Historic District!

Pause in one of the pocket parks surrounding Eureka's 63 in-town springs. Sit on a stone bench beneath a massive rock formation, and enjoy lush flowers and towering hardwoods beside the soothing water.

Spring Street - Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Enjoy exquisite food prepared by expert chefs. (Nearly every restaurant in town offers vegetarian fare).

Relax in one of the hundreds of accommodations with in-room jacuzzis.

Don't forget to pick up some massage oil and aromatherapeutic bath salts when you're shopping downtown. You'll want to continue your spa experience throughout your visit.

Eureka Springs is a Mecca for the healing arts, and there's no better place to experience the wonders of healing your body, mind and soul.

Enjoy a mineral bath, a eucalyptus steam treatment or a tea tub soak. Let one of our State-licensed massage therapists give you a soothing massage. Experts in every massage technique -- from Swedish to Shiatsu -- make Eureka Springs their home.

Work out with a personal trainer, or indulge yourself with an herbal body wrap, a tanning session and a revitalizing clay masque. Fine-tune the inner You with Reiki energy balancing or a personal intuitive reading.

Enjoy quiet, quality time in nature, let our hospitality and healing experts pamper you, or indulge in a complete spa experience. Start your healing journey today in Eureka Springs!